Thursday, 23 October 2014

Charming Terschelling: 5 out of 5 Dutch islands visited

The third Dutch island of the five Frisian islands was a charming, sunny and pretty windy encounter end of this September... The island surprised us with fantastic seafood-restaurants, creative&cozy bars, big forest of pine trees (planted over 100 years ago), high sand dunes. By bike one can do best sightseeing as on all of the other 4 islands. Nothing unusual for Holland were the long and huge white sand beaches. In the harbour of the West-Terschelling beautiful shimps-fishing-boats are on display, crabs are running around and tons of colourful buoys shine their strong colourd...My favorites however stay Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog, the two car-free islands (nr 2 and 5) :-)

The symbol of the Harling-Vlieland-terschelling ferry

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Flower-Power: Bloemencorso 2014, colours, sun and wind!


This year the famous flower parade was a bit later than usual, on the first weekend of May. As often before we went to Noordwijkerhout on Friday eve and enjoyed the sea of flowers, colours+parfums! Dive in, can you smell them ? :-)


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bloemenvlucht/ flower fields flight in april 2014 with LionAir

After seeing the flower fields from close and inside we were curious to see them againf rom up in the air. As last year we contacted the friendly and professional LionAir and book one hour "bloemenvlucht". With Michel as pilot we flew over Leide, keukenhof, Lisse, Noordwijkerhout and then along the coast: Wassenar, Scheveningen, Monster and Rotterdam...Again an amazing experience and perfect weather with fantatstic colours!

Rotterdam Station from above

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tulips in Flevoland 2014, Noordoostpolder is a colourful corner to see!

Second half of April tons of tourists come over to the Netherlands to see the spring park Keukenhof and also the flower fields. Most of them however only travel around in Bollenstreek, the flower-bulb-area between Leiden and Haarlem. HOWEVER there are some amazing tulip fields a bit more north in Flevoland. The wide and long fields in this flat and new Dutch province are perfect for growing of potatoes and .... flowers! There is space, abundance of colours and guess what: no other tourists. So if you are curious to spot and photogrpaph some amazing tulips fields just drive to Noordoostpolder and enjoy the view. There are also sign for a bike tulipfestival-route, so you cant get lost:-)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lauwersmeer hike-tour after tea-time at the Theefabriek

While most people were busy searching chocolate eggs or eating real ones this weekend, we went for a short nature tour in the north of the Netherlands. The provinces north of Amsterdam: Friesland and Groningen are lovely places to get in touch with nature, bike, hike, meet some happy sheep and other wildlife. Lauwersmeer, a national park, builds a partial border between the two provinces.
The Easter Sunday started with brunch at the beautiful Theefabriek, the only teamuseum (and tearoom) located in the old church-building of the cozy village Houwerzijl. I have reported about this great place 3 years ago here. After being spoiled there with delicious teas and food, the adventurous visitors (as us) went to Kollumerwaard and met the nature guide Klaas. He took us for a 7-km-walk in the National Park area and explained us patienly and lovingly about the birds, plants, trees, toads and other living beings we encountered on our way. Herewith a  big Bedankt (thanks) to the singing birds, colourful butterflies and Klaas for the knowledge!