Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hello from home...

Being home since 3 days is really nice, although we do have to fight the jet-lag...The 32-hour-fligt went smoothly, but I got a rash on the second one, and I still wait for it to disappear. Getting out from Schipol we even got snow, so its a complete change from the summer at the other end of the world. After 5 900 km by car (4 car and 1 camper rentals) and 31 076km by plane (12 flights in total) plus some shaky boat trips it feels cozy to find back the Dutch transportation: the bike:-)

I would like to thank you all for following this blog and to all the tips we were given!

On the way back we flew all the way above Australia and had the chance to enjoy the most different colour pattern of this amazing continent!


Click Me Iana said...

Wow, very ineteresting colors indeed. I had a big grin when you mentioned the Dutch Transprt.. never tried it yet, you know. ^^

Read my crazy story Iana said...

The first image is really cool. You have captured that cirru-cumulus clouds out there... Or shall I say they are baby cumulus?

Or better yet, I can tell from here that they are cotton candies??? Nyam nyam... Sweet!