Monday, 12 October 2009

The rocks of Belogradchik

A big "wow" slipped out of my mouth on the way to Belogradchik (the white town), a few kilometer before arriving ta the final destination. Around 200 km north of Sofia (Bulgaria) wonderful and unique rock formations in red and grey colours decorate the landscape. The age of the rocks is estimated at 230millions years and they cover an area of 30km.

This area of my country was inhabited already by the ancient Romans in I-III century. They built the original fortress between the rocks using their natural inapproachabilty. Nowadays the Belogradchik Fortress "Kaleto" is one of the best kept and a part of "100 most beautiful places of interest in Bulgaria".

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hiroko said...

Awesome and beautiful landscape.
Love the silhouettes of mountain lines!