Sunday, 22 November 2009

About Thai massage and its secrets

If you go to Thailand, dont miss to get a Thai massage. You will be asked to change into comfi pants and shirt and then the adventure will start...The first time is indeed bit of weird and painful, but it can fix your joints, muscles and the rest of your stiff body after the long flight to get there.

The Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage, no oils are used. There is a Thai-massage-school at the Temple Wat Pho in Baghkok. There I got my first Thai massage ever. In the garden of the temple one can sight some of the very first ancient Thai massage manuals: on the stone walls of some of the buildings.

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Roj said...

Ohhhh... I ache for it! How massage can renew a tiredness ridden life.

BTW dearie, I am still searching about the issues you and Filip hava over comments. No known issues postedinblogger site lately... the last one was noted last May but that was old and have been solved already (comments problems).