Tuesday, 5 January 2010

About "la plage, la mer, les rochers" of Guadeloupe....

Point d Enfer Guadeloupe

Beaches with high palm trees and green-blue sea water are lining up the southeast coast of Guadeloupe: from Sainte Anne via Saint-Francois and up to la Pointe des Chateaux (the most east point). Pointe des Chateaux put on show an impressive nature play of huge waves and majestic rock formations in the sea (second picture).

Pointe des Chateaux Guadeloupe

The beach is of course also the places where the fishermen not only leave and return to/from work, but also the repair work of nets is done, as on the shot below.

Pecheur Sainte Francois Guadeloupe

And last but not least, "la plage" is as always a great place for a siesta (never under a coconut tree with brown coconuts!), reading a book or just hanging out with friends-like on the beach of Sainte-Anne with our Italian friends from Roma:)

la plage Sainte Anne amis


Roj said...

So lovely! I even appreciate it more with the cold here! ^^ How I wish I can dive deeply in that warm water...:)

Jana said...

i did a dive for u today my dear!warming hug...

Anonymous said...

bonne année et super photos!