Thursday, 18 February 2010

Some more skating on frozen Dutch lakes:-)

Skating frozen lake Reeuwijk Holland
Exactly when everyone was praying that the spring should come quicker, the winter decided to surprise and proof us wrong....and the canals/lakes in the Netherlands got frozen again. Which means nothing else than SPORT on ICE.
Skating frozen lake Reeuwijk Holland
Skating frozen lake Reeuwijk Holland
The Dutch are very creative so the frozen lake in Reeuwijk is not used only for ice-skating but also for biking, sleighing, even for have a walk with the babies while skating, of course:-)


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the stroller on the ice. It must have been fun for the child. I love the feeling of sliding freely across the ice.

maricar said...

hi Jana thanks for adding me on your blog list, same here everything's frozen, you have beautiful pictures, wish i could do it too maybe when my back pain gets better :)

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