Thursday, 25 March 2010

...about Greek food...and Bulgarian food...

Greek salad Athens

The Greek food is yummy and do I say it...somehow extremely similar to the Bulgarian food. Lets take as an example the famous Greek salad. It has the same ingredients as the Bulgarian "shopska salata", the only difference is that the feta cheese is in one or two pieces while the "shopska salata" is covered with grated feta cheese. Somehow the cuisine of all Balkan countries ends up of offering several dishes which one can find and enjoy no matter if you are in Turkey, Bulgaria or Greece.

grilled squid dish

The grilled squid (picture above) is though something we dont have...and the portion above (with plenty of vegetables hidden under the squid) I have enjoyed at a very trendy place in Athens called "Tzitzikas kai Mermigas". But to continue with my comparison, I grew up with "sarmi", wine leaves filled with rice. The Greek call them "dolmades" and say its Greek dish...but my grandma cooked it already for some 50 years:)

dessert joghurt honey walnuts

One of my favourite dessert is the joghurt with honey and walnuts on the top. Well, the Greek have it too and yes, it tastes good and no, there is no one single difference to the Bulgarian version...I suppose the fact that we are so close has as an end result, that Bulgarian dishes are not only found in my home country but also in the neighbours...And i am happy that like this more people can enjoy these delicious specialties:)

dessert joghurt honey walnuts


Filip Demuinck said...

The food looks nice. But it is not the Cinq.

WebbieLady said...

All healthy! Veges, fish and yoghurts! Enjoy the holidays.... ^^

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Nice blog!
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