Monday, 26 April 2010

Flower power during Bloemencorso 2010 in Haarlem

Bloemencorso 2010 Moulin Rouge
Bloemencorso 2010 Italy
Last weekend was again THIS special time of the year: the weekend of the flower parade Bloemencorso. Starting Saturday morning from Noordwijkerhout and arriving in the evening in the 40-km-far away city of Haarlem. This year the topic of the parade was "travelling through Europe".
Bloemencorso 2010
Bloemencorso 2010
One could see the French Moulin Rouge, play Spanish guitar, see the Portuguese cocks...and meet the Swedish viking and sail away on his ship:-)
Bloemencorso 2010
Bloemencorso 2010Bloemencorso 2010


Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice, I should also go once

Roj said...

Ilove the Portuguese coq the most! It looks more stylish over the others... ^^

Jana said...

its an amazing experience, thank you both for comments:)

WebbieLady said...

Is this part of the keukenhof festival or is this a completely different activity?

Jana said...

Dear Roj,fyi:Keukenhof is the flower garden next to Lisse which is open every spring for 2 months, Bloemencorso is a separate thing, a parade that runs every last weekend of April from Friday to Sunday, they make some 40km:-)