Friday, 28 May 2010

Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Gerichtshof Bremen

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Freie Hansestadt Bremen) is a very
charming place to see, located on the river Weser in Northern Germany.
The well preserved Altstadt (=old town) displays an impressive
collection of majestic buildings like the Gothic-Renaissance-style
town hall (last picture).

Bremer Roland

By sunshine the golden shield with an eagle of the
city-protector Roland sparkles. Once you are at the feet of his
statue, which dates back to 1404, one feel really tiny...and

Bremer Stadtsmusikanten

Next to the town hall are also the most famous locals:"Die Bremer
Stadtsmusikanten" (Town Musicians), which portrays the donkey, dog, cat
and rooster of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. There is almost always
a queue to take pictures and to stroke the mouth of the donkey....

Böttcherstraße Bremen

South of the Markplatz and Rathaus, is the 110 m Böttcherstraße. It
was transformed in 1923–1931 by the coffee magnate Ludwig Roselius,
who commissioned local artists to convert the narrow street (in
medieval time, the street of the barrel makers) into an inspired
mixture of Gothic and Art Nouveau. Today, the street is one of
Bremen's most popular attractions. Three times a day, the pedestrians
can enjoy its melodic "Glockenspiel" (carillon) .

Bremer Rathaus


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