Monday, 28 June 2010

Donkey Republic Santorini

Dont be surprise to meet some very colourful ... donkeys while in Santorini. In 2010 the open-air-exhibition "Donkeys Republic" is on display at different places of the island. Each one has a name and it has been designed/painted by a Greek artist.
The one below is called"Unstill Life Dreamy" and its the creation of Giorgos Stronis:
The donkey is without a doubt the animal of Santorini. Even nowadays the donkey offers stil a good way of transport at places where no cars can go: due to its rocks .

The "Checkmate"-donkey (below) can be spotted in the village Kamari, some days after next to it the blue-eyes-donkey (see first picture) just popped up:-)

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