Monday, 29 November 2010

The National museum of history in Sofia/ Национален исторически музей - София

This museum located in the feet of the Vitosha mountain has an impressive collection of over 650 000 items... Even nowadays i do remember going there from school with the whole class to admire some of the most unique treasures ever found in Europe. The Images of the shining and incredible rythons and amphoras of the famous Panagyurishte golden treasure are still in my head.

On the 8th of December 1949 three brothers – Pavel, Petko and Michail Deikovi worked together at the region of "Merul" tile factory near Panagyurishte. When processing a new layer of clay they came across unusual glossy objects. What they uncovered was the Panagyuriste treasure, a spectacular perfectly made Thracian treasure, one of the most famous treasures in the world. It consists of a phial, an amphora and seven rhytons with total weight of 6,164 kg of pure gold. All of the objects are richly decorated with scenes of the Thracian myths, customs and life. It is dated from the 4th-3th centuries BC.

I even found this treasure listed nr 2 in the "Top 10 incredible treasures troves"-list.


Filip Demuinck said...

Looks like a nice museum but I didn't expect it to be so far outside the city centre.


Jana said...

actually it was completely down town for quiet a while and they moved it outside some years ago...