Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Le Parc des Roches Gravées a Trois Rivières/ Archeological Gardens of engraved rocks, Guadeloupe

When last year i saw for first time a picture of the engraved rocks („Roches Gravées"), i knew i have to visit "Le Parc des Roches Gravées" in Trois Rivières. The Guadeloupean archeological Gardens of engraved rocks are listed since 1981 as a monument of historical interest. Covering an area of about one hectare the park faces the archipelago of les Saintes. Here, between volcanic rocks and luxuriant vegetation one may find stone testimonies left by the Arawak Indians, the islands inhabitants before the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe is proud to be the West Indies island with the biggest number of hieroglyphics found: over 800. Those from Trois Rivières have been dated back at about 300-400 a. c. Most of the drawings depict people or animals (like turtles). There is something really funny and catchy in them. Some are just a head with eyes and mouths, some do represent the whole body. A part of the rock known as „The captains" is kept the in the Museum of Natural history in New York.

One may visit the Park only as a part of a guided tour, but this is an experience not to be missed at all. The guides are friendly and impassioned locals, who explain every single tree and flower! ...And made us also taste some fresh cocoa beans and other exotic plants....

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