Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colourful Bosa, Sardinia

The first picture you see in this blog is the first sight I had ever set on the colourful town Bosa, located on the West coast of Sardinia...Driving from the east cost to the west the road offer this amazing panorama view on Bosa. Bosa is the only river side town in the whole of Sardinia. The river is very deeply connected to the tradition and history of the town. It is thanks to the fertility of its soil and its position that Bosa was inhabited since ancient times, the territory is in fact scattered with historical monuments like the Serravalle Castle, which was built by the Malaspina family in the XII century.

A more recent area is Bosa Marina, the extension of the town on the coast. Bosa Marina beach is a long and deep stretch of sand.


Filip Demuinck said...

Don't you have a picture of such houses in your office?


WebbieLady said...

nice photos and sharing with us the experience.

Jana said...

@Filip, you are right: I have the first picture at work...I found the colourful houses so beautiful!

de bossies! said...

Hoi Jana
Niet alleen het duiken..(kleuren)Maar ook het eten (kleuren) en nu deze plaats met zijn mooie kleuren.
Jullie vermaken je goed daar zo te zien.
Gr Henk

papillon said...

On these rainy and so cold days here we all wish to be on this wonderful place in the Mediterranean...

betchai said...

very relaxing pictures, must be inspiring to see it from work.