Sunday, 25 December 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Christmas time is baking time....

Wishing you all very HAPPY and cozy holidays...with my fruity
Christmas tree I have created myself last night for dessert:-)
As usually in december (and may be because of the cold weather outside) I love to open the winter baking season. The German habit of baking the famous "Weihnachtsplätzchen" (cookies for Christmas) and the fantastic smell of  warm cinnamon from the oven are two reason why I always have fun doing it:-)
So this year I did four different kind of cookies:
- the honey-cinnamon balls, family recipe from my mum;
- the cacao-mapple siryp ones
- the hazelnut cantuccini
- the oats-buckwheat-cookies;

After vising USA I was also pretty curious to do some muffins myself at home. So below ou may see the yummy result of my salty pumpkin-chickpeas flour-creation too.


Filip Demuinck said...

Looks very good. I didn't you could do this. Merry Christmas for you and your family.


betchai said...

oh, lovely looking and yummy cookies. hope your cookies will fill happiness to you and your family this season. I am hungry again :)

Stephanie said...

That's a beautiful looking tree! How creative!

Nelson said...

Hello Jana! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
Thanks for sharing!
Happy New Year!

Jana said...

thank you for all these nice comments!
@Filip: you miss the cookies-tasting at work a week ago...