Monday, 8 October 2012

Gliding in Ontario & pictures from the air with York Soaring Club

Gliding Ontario View
Gliding Ontario 
Today I am gonna share with you an amazing new experience. My very good friend (and colleague) Dave took me up in the air, on board of his beautiful glider Slingsby T21B. After preparing all the cute little toys on the grass in front of the hangar, we climb in and got pulled in the air by another plane for around 10minutes. Then we were left floating under the clouds and above the autumn colour painted landscape...

Gliding Ontario

And me ready to go up in the air:

Gliding Ontario
What is special about this glider is that the two seats are next to each other (and not one behind) and the open cockpit (which is great for pics). Btw this British beauty (age around 60 years, made 1953-54) is now so rare, that Dave´s glider is the only one in Canada. Only 300 were made in total and still around 200 exist and fly around:-)

On the picture below one can see the air field of York Soaring Club too...

Gliding Ontario
Gliding Ontario


Lies said...

Wat een belevenis, Jana ! Met beneden je, enkel een 'natuuur'lappendeken... ! Héérlijk !

Pieces of Sunshine said...

What a wonderful experience! Flying with the wind through your hair, a front seat and no engine noise or responsibility. Must have been a delight to view and photograph from, especially with all the autumn colours below. Sensational.

Erika said...

It must have been a very exciting experience. Very nice shots, dear Janna. A big hug from Italy
…. ,–,
…. \. _\_
… _\/_|_\____,’.\
- (___,.–.,_____(
……. \….\
…….. \….\
……… `–´

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful experience and such exciting photos to share.

Barb said...

Gosh, I got a bit of vertigo! Love seeing the fall patchwork of the land. You have the best adventures Jana.

Kristie Franklin said...

Oh WOW, what a treat! I am afraid of heights so I'm afraid I wouldn't have attempted this. I don't mind planes at all but a small glider would scare me to death! You are very brave! :)

betchai said...

haha, i think my comment for this post went to the other post, but nevertheless, so happy for you having that exhilarating experience up in the air

Filip and Kristel said...

Ziet er leuk uit Jana, en hoog.


papillon said...

Nur Fliegen ist schöner... Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich angefangen den Segelflugschein zu machen. Es ist einfach traumhaft zwischen Himmel und Erde zu schweben... Viele Grüße J&C

papillon said...

Habe noch etwas gefunden.... siehe 2008 Oktober auf unserem Post. lg J&C

Marco Alpha said...

Hello Jana,
This must be great to do with it. Wonderful to see the view from the air. You are a lucky girl.

Mnay greetings and have a nice day,

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Amazing photos and a wonderful view from above. You are courageous ! Best regards, Synnöve

biebkriebels said...

What a special experience, must have been great to fly in an open airplane like a pioneer.

Dietmut said...

och, wat zou dat prachtig en mooi gewest zijn Jana. Ik ben eens met een helikopter boven de Angkor Wat gevlogen.
Jana, je wou weten of het een bijzondere betekening heeft, de man met het groene make-up. Ik breng het nog op mijn blog maar hier is al een antwoord:
“Kathakali make-up is classified into five types according to the nature of the character. They are Pacha (green),Kathi (knife), Kari (black), Thaadi (beard) and Minukku (radiant).
Pacha is the name of make-up in Kathakali and it literally means green and is donned by virtuous or heroic characters. Hence kings and divine characters wear this make-up.”
(bron: Official website of Kerala Tourism)

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic opportunity to get some amazing photos!

stardust said...

What an adventure in an open cockpit! How beautiful the bird’s-eye view of the fields underneath!


fiziskandarz said...

what an awesome experience! also love all the autumn colours you shared recently :D

Bella said...

Hi Jana,
How lovely to glide quietly above the beautiful countryside! Very nice photos!
I am your newest follower:-)

Anonymous said...

O geweldig!
Wat moet dit genieten zijn zo hoog in de lucht.
Groetjes Cristien.

Koryn said...

Awesome shots! How long did you fly? I am absolutely envious!

Jana said...

thank you dear all for the kind comments!:-))
@Koryn: we stayed a bit more than an hour up in the air, we went down as I was getting too cold...