Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nudibranches in Andaman sea...

Nudibranches Underwater Similan
Nudibranches Underwater Similan 
I am taking you one more time underwater, as I have to show still few wet beauties:-)) In the underwater kingdom of Similan Islands one may encounter several smaller and bigger nudibranches these colourful (and sometimes so tiny to spot) creatures are fascinating for photographing due to the different shapes, lines and unexpected flashy colours. The flashiness actually indicates that they contains poison, in case some of the other water inhabitants may think of eating them. So the colours is their own protection!
Nudibranches Underwater Similan
Nudibranches Underwater Similan 
The picture with one of my finger is to help you realise the real size...and in order to show you how funny we look when taking picture of small fellows (invisible to the rest) is the pictures of Nico+myself taken by Tim, a fellow diver and uw-photographer:-)
Nudibranches Underwater Similan
Nudibranches Underwater Similan
Nudibranches Underwater Similan
Nudibranches Underwater Similan


Lies said...

Om heel stilletjes bij te worden, Jana...
Wondermooi, heel kleurrijk...
Schitterende fotografie !

SaucyKod said...

Dear Jana
Thank you so much for posting these lovely photos - It is just amazing to look at these very tiny creatures and so nice to relate the size - I love the photos and also enjoyed seeing the divers taking photos too. You are our Jana Geographic - Thank you. Lilly (Saucy)

Rosemary said...

Those underwater sea creatures are amazing, such wonderful colours. I love the white frilly one edged in blue.

Jeanne said...

Jana I love your underwater photos! They are gorgeous. Makes me excited for an upcoming trip to the carribean! Great to really see the tiny size of these creatures compared to your finger.

Barb said...

You show me another world, Jana - one I would never be able to visit without your photos. Such amazing underwater creatures. The colors are so breathtaking!

papillon said...

Hi Jana,

es sind doch die ganz kleinen Dinge im Meer, die so wundervoll sind.
Tolle Fotos!

Joop Zand said...

Very nice pictures Jana.....nice this underwater world.

Greetings, Joop

I am glad that i can give now a reaction on your blog..... have always a lot problems with the wordverifications.

Filip and Kristel said...

Now I understand why the Similan island is so popular for snorkeling and diving.


Jana said...

thank U dear all!
@papillon: genau, ihr kennt noch mehr von dieser familie oder?:-))
@Joop: happy to hear this!
@Filip: one may see the nudibranches only by diving as they are attached on rocks or coral, or on sand;

Erika said...

I like all of your shots ,

Dietmut said...

wat is het onder water toch ook mooi. Prachtige kleurige avonturen.
Lieve groet, Dietmut

AVCr8teur said...

What odd looking creatures! I can't figure out if they have eyes and mouth. :) Without your hand, we could not tell the size of them.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

I love nudibranchs, I've always found them fascinating yet never seen on on real life. Your photos of them are amazing - what an experience it must have been Jana..

Koryn said...

Nudis! Such fascinating creatures!
I like taking photos of them too. With the right lighting, they give off nice colors :)

Please do post more photos! I enjoy looking through your underwater adventure ;)

Bilyana Valkova said...

Страхотни снимки :)

UIFPW08 said...

Complimenti per le foto in acqua è tutta un'altra cosa. BRAVA!