Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sukhothai by bike: breathtaking and majestic temples of the first Thai capital

Sukhothai temples
One of the most magical places I have visited in Thailand is without any doubt the old city of Sukhothai. Located half way between Bangkok and Chiang Mai the early kingdom of Sukhothai existed between 1238 and 1438. The old capital (now 12 km away from the new city) is in (well maintained) ruins and has been designated as a UNESCO World heritage historical park. Due to the huge area of the park we have opted for a guided bike visit. Miaow, our simply adorable guide from Sukhothai Bike Tours, is a local (born in town) and bursting of knowledge and interesting stories to tell.
Sukhothai temples 
We had an amazing day starting on the bikes and passing through peacefull rice fields full with storks. Did you know that storks are very loved by the rice farmers as they offer pesticide-free-snail-removal. We also saw locals fishing in the river. Once in the park we had visited the most famous Central part, Wat Mahathat (first picture), as well as the Wat Si Sum (fourth&fifth pictures). Simply fabulous day outdoor in the middle of culture, history and in very pleasant company! I have learned a lot myself and now I know for example that because the kingdom of Sukhothai was prospering most of the Buddhas heads have a subtile smile. And also that the long ears of some of the Buddhas means they are good listeners. Last but not least I can recommend the old capital to everyone and a big Kobkun-kaaa to our great guide:-) .
Sukhothai templesSukhothai temples
Sukhothai temples
Sukhothai temples

Sukhothai rice fields
Sukhothai rice farmer


Jeanne said...

This truly looks like an amazing place to visit! Love your sharing of this

papillon said...

Ich habe die Elefanten schon entdeckt ;-). Würde gerne noch mehr davon sehen. Frohe Ostern von uns J&C

Lies said...

Je laat me weer meegenieten, Jana, van zoveel moois...
Fijne Paasdagen voor jou !

Koryn said...

I wish we did the same when we went to Thailand! The bike tour, I mean :)

I agree, the temples can be mesmerizing! And with a backdrop like that, you can really feel the culture.

How long were you in Thailand, by the way?

SaucyKod said...

Dear Jana - Thank you for this lovely bicycle ride. One almost feels like they are there, you describe it so well. I love the new facts I did not know and the farmer on the bicycle and small girl is splendid indeed. I love being a part of your travels, even though only virtually. Thankyou. Lilly

Filip and Kristel said...

It looks indeed fantastic. Also great that you added a map. Happy easter.


AVCr8teur said...

Biking seems like a good idea to get around in this huge temple grounds. I didn't realize how large the statues are until you stand next to it. Have a good week, Jana! :)

Erika said...

I'd like to go there. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing with us.
Kisses from Italy.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

So different to your homeland of tulips and also mine of kangaroos. Wonderful to visit different places.

Koryn said...

Re your question on my blog : it's April one and I stopped counting at 25 haha. Kidding :) I'm 31 :)

Rick said...

Looks like a very interesting place - nice shots, Jana.

Loved your underwater shots too.

Hopefully spring arrives soon in the Netherlands.


Eli Kristin said...

Came across your blog. Amazing photos of wonderful travels/experiences. Lucky you! :)

Enjoy - greetings from Norway,
Eli Kristin

Kovács Miklós said...

Wow, what a great adventure! Bike tour in Thailand. I'm sure that was an unbelievable day. Really amazing place and thanks why you shared these fantastic photos. Have a great day!
Groetjes, Miklos

Marco Alpha said...

Hey Jana,
These shots are great!! So wonderful to see these of your fantastic visit all there.
The shot of the man with bike is very nice.

Mant greetings,

Dietmut said...

ik ben er ook geweest (2x) maar niet per fiets Jana. Wat sportief ben jij. Lieve groeten, Dietmut

betchai said...

wow, love the structures, and the landscape, must be amazing to visit, with a bonus of warm smiles.