Sunday, 17 May 2009

Quick Munich-impressions from a business traveller...

How much one see or/miss from a city when traveling to it on a business trip...I had to ask myself this question, actually I do ask myself the same question almost every time when I am at Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) and I am part of the huge amount people in suits on the phone or reading their mails before getting on the plane.

This time in Munich (with busy, busy schedule) I still managed to admire for some seconds/minutes:
1. The cute and funny airplane-looking kiosk selling Bratwürste, between terminal 1 and 2 at the airport;-)
2. The huge and colourful "Maibaum" (second picture):
on the way between 2 buildings of work, while crossing the Viktualienmarkt, one of my favourite market places
3. The trees in blossom fitting to the fassades of the building in Haidhausen (next to my hotel)...

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WebbieLady said...

Hey! That kiosk is so in style! I thought that was a real plane. That's so cool!

How I wish I can visit that place as well. I have never been there (in munich) yet. ^^