Thursday, 21 May 2009

Priwet from Москва/Moscow:-)

The city not just big but gigantic!!!
After 9 years Russian at school, then 11 years break (of speaking or reading the language), I was glad to have finally made Russia:-)

Be ready to fall in love with its architecture, hold yourself in the metro (its speedy) and enjoy this amazing mix of historical and cultural beauty in the middle of a ...crowd: its a 12-million-world metropole, busy, beautiful and buzzing(up to humming)!

The monument of Dostoevski in front of the National bibliothek.

In front of the famous St Basilius cathedral on Red Square...which looks indeed as made out of sugar!

....and last but not least the most beautiful metro in the world!!!


WebbieLady said...

Breathtaking and beautiful indeed my dear! Now your effort for the Visa has paid! You're there enjoying Moscow's beauty!

Your photography style is splendid as well! Wonderful.

I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! How I wish I could be thereas well. How was the weather when you were there?

Happy touring around. Great photos and great infor. You make us all wanna be there too.

Anonymous said...
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Filip Demuinck said...

Looks nice Moskow
Greetings Filip