Sunday, 26 July 2009

Caribbean summer in Rotterdam...Zomerkarnaval 2009!

Queen of Rotterdam Summer Karnaval 2009

Percussion band during Rotterdam Summer Karnaval 2009

Every last weekend of July Rotterdam turns into a Caribbean colony for....2 days! Drums, music and people dressed in exotic, colourful costumes are the most normal thing to see and hear while walking in the center:-)

Colourful costumes  of Rotterdam Summer Karnaval 2009

Colourful costumes of Rotterdam Summer Karnaval 2009

What once started as Antilles-only festival, grew up in the last 25 years to a huge party event, where not only the Dutch Caribbean islands are represented but there are also participants from Capo Verde, Africa, Brazil, Surinam, Marocco and even the Netherlands.

The weather helped a lot to get the "Caribbean feeling" and people were dancing in the street together with the performers. Rotterdam was crowded, but the ambiente was amazing...


WebbieLady said...

That's too colorful and with the sun shining, how great Holland could be!

Very interesting event, Hopefully in few months I am integrated in this country enough to see what's happening. :)

Roland said...

Very colourful and nice !