Friday, 3 July 2009

A stroll through Cagliari....

The capital of Sardinia impresses its visitors with majestetic stone buildings and charmed them with its huge palm trees as well as with its beauty. This could have been somewhere in Paris, I started thinking aloud while looking at the lovely ornaments at one old house in the centre. The center of Cagliari is called Castello and it was build on a top of a hill.

Nowadays the city has 170 000 inhabitants and offers next to narrow shopping streets, also a Botanic garden, old churches and a huge harbour.


When I Wander said...

How I wish to fly in that island as well. The old buildings in that country always amaze me but I have never been to a lot of places there yet... :)

How's Mr. D and Christian and Eric by the way? As for your question, I answered it here. ^^

Take care always.

hiroko said...

Beautiful buildings!
I love the bright sunlight.
I wish I could go there!

Details in the Tales said...

Same aspirations as Hiroko here....

I see your clustermaps dearie and they are very dotted by now! Wow!

Looking forward to explore through your informative and exploratory posts.