Thursday, 20 August 2009

Butterflies in Vlindertuin Leidschendam

butterfly hanging on green leave

Thanks to the tip of Marcel i discovered the butterfly garden "Vlindertuin aan der Vliet", a hidden germ in Leidschendam, Zuidholland. In an old green house several exotic butterfly species were happily flying around the visitors-between beautiful hisbiscus and other beautiful plants. Some of them were brown-beige and black-white, but several had flashy colours such as red and orange.

butterfly in the sun

As it was a sunny day outside some Dutch (European) butterflies did enjoy the flower garden in front of the green house. I was very lucky to be able also to capture a lovely blue-green dragonfly (Libelle/libellule/водно конче)...and some other insects from close.

dragonfly on green leave



K*Tina! said...

Butterflies are such magical creatures!

WebbieLady said...

Oh you reminded me of how I miss the dragonflies! We have tons of them where I grew during a certain mnth and we'd all try to catch them... when I worked in the city and eventually transferred to Europe, I have never seen any anymore... :(