Monday, 31 August 2009

Lost in the incredible gardens of chateau de Villandry...


Le Chateau de Villandry is the last big Renaissance-Chateau de la Loire and has been built in 1536. Some of the castles in the Valley of Loire have specialised in different things. The castle Villandry is famous with its gardens and wowww, what a garden expects u there!!!

JardinDAmour Villandry

The visitors are charmed with 6 different areas:
- the garden of Love
- the garden of vegetables and spices
- the garden of water
- the garden of ornaments
- the garden-labyrinth
- the garden of sun

Ladybugs making love

The plants and flowers attracts not only tourists but also birds and you may discover on the pics:)

chateau de Villandry


WebbieLady said...

Breathtakingly amazing! And there's the good luck again! The lady bug! :)

Your photos and your adventures and explorations are amazing!

I Love Philippines! said...

Such artistic, amazing and useful idea! I wold like to see especially the garden of spices and veges... what do they do? They sell these healthy harvest? Just wondering....

The air/top shots are so cool, dearie.

I have something for you in here... just click.. :)

Jana said...

to your question Roj: the kitchen garden (the garden of spices and veges)was created already in the Middle Age. The monks in their abbeys took great pleasure in growing their own vegetables in..geometrical patterns.

Thats why when u look from the platform to the garden you will see nowadays that the kitchen garden contains nine squares of equal size but different geometrical patterns. The squares contains plants with contrasting colours (blue from the leek, green from the carrots top, red from the beetroot), which helps to see the geometrical shapes.

Two times a year veges are planted: once in March and once in June...and they have a total of 40 different veges...but no idea what they do with them:-)

Roj said...

I guess they sell them, or else the harvest will go to waste... or they may donate to many charity prgs around feeding the hungry...