Thursday, 31 December 2009

Marine reserve Cousteau, les Ilets de Pigeon

Another great dive today: in the marine reserve Cousteau, where we have been diving once a day for the last 7 days....below i would have loved to share with you some videos this time. Unfortunately Blogger does not (want to) upload my videos for the last 2 weeks, so again just some pictures.Some more underwater shots can be found here.

Squid reserve Cousteau


Tof' said...

Ok, you won: I'm jealous!!
I can't wait to dive again in warm water.
Wonderful shots! (as usual...)
I'm waiting for the videos!

Tof' said...

I forgot to ask: What kind of camera did you took underwater? A waterproof one or a regular one with a waterprof case?

Jana said...

merci Christophe:)we have a compact camera,which is put in an underwater housing, that can go up to 40m...