Friday, 25 December 2009

MERRY Christmas/Joyeux NOEL to all of U:-)))

A very warm Christmas wishes are coming right now to you. Here it is 11 am, no snow around and the sun is really strong (air temperature is 30 and water temperature: 28).
We are leaving in 15 min to a Christmas dive, below you can enjoy the underwater beauty of our second diving destination (les Ilets Pigeon), we did the first dive here 2 days ago. And found the frog fish (check for it on the yellow picture):)


Filip Demuinck said...

Doesn't look warm in the water.

Nomi said...

Joyex Noël à vous deux, merci pour toutes les chouettes photos :-)

Anonymous said...

quelle chaleur!!!!devant le feu de cheminée de tes fait bon ...mais dehors ca glisse
bon noêl
bisous de aline,francois,denise,robert

Jana said...

it was just 27 degrees underwater on Christmas, but my best dive:)