Wednesday, 5 January 2011

La Soufrière and the view from the top of Guadeloupe...

Climbing the top of volcano, that is said to be lost in clouds around ten months out of twelve, is kind of an adventure...and a question of luck what expects you up there. The 1467m height make la Soufrière (literally for "big sulphur outlet") the highest mountain in the whole West Indies. The tour to its top is a tough 2-hour-walk in the middle of the National Park Guadeloupe.
When starting the climb the top was hidden in clouds and rain. On the way up the weather cleared a bit and some gorgeous views were on display in front of our eyes: chains of green mountains and of course the view to les Saintes, the archipelago south of Guadeloupe.
The rich and exotic volcano flora and colourful colibris were a great companion on the steep way through rocks and stones. At the end of tour one may relax the muscles and tird legs in the natural warm bath tubes "Les bains jeunes"....
The volcano is still active. Last eruption was in 1976. There is a volcano observatory monitoring its activities.


de bossies! said...

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