Friday, 21 January 2011

The rum of Marie-Galante...

Marie-Galante rhum distillerie Bellevue

This entry is about the most famous (and common) product of Marie Galante: the sugar cane. From February til June every year all three rum distilleries on the island are very busy cutting the sugar cane. Once its juice is extracted, the fermenting process start and the production of the different final products: from the white rum (50 or 59 %alcohol) through the "rhum ambree" (405%) up the the old rum (40%)...

Marie-Galante Distillerie Bielle

Marie-Galante cartes postales distillerie Bielle

The three distilleries in Marie Galante are Bielle, Bellevue and Poisson (Pere-Labat)...Each one of them is open to visitor every morning till midday. The guests may then walk into the distillerie itself and are offered rum and punch tasting at the end.

Marie-Galante Rhum Distillerie

Marie-Galante Rhum PereLabat

Some interesting rum-info is summarized below. 1100 liters of juice are made from around one ton sugar cane. From this amount of juice one will get 60 liters of pure alcohol, which will gives 120 bottles of alcohol at 50%.

Marie-Galante RhumInfo


Filip Demuinck said...

I knew it, you were drinking again. Don't worry we also love to taste wine and other nice drinks.

Jana said...

indeed Filip, the (mandatory)tasting of local products is part of being a (good)tourist:-))

WebbieLady said...


sounds like fun part of the and liquor "tasting" huh!

de bossies! said...

Hoi Jana
Prachtige blog over de Rum van Marie Galante. Voor al dat werk moeten die 120 flessen heel wat opbrengen..
Gr Henk..en tot zondag..mischien met vossen :)