Sunday, 10 April 2011

Welcome to Dutch spring 2011

The spring this year is taking its time...The temperatures in Holland has not been often over 10 degrees, although we have been very lucky with the numerious spring sunshines.

The nature starts slowly to awake and some first tree blossoms and green leaves are popping out for the last 2 weeks. The ducks are also happily swimming or preparing for the little ones. Hopefully soon the warm temperatures arrive:-)


papillon said...
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papillon said...

Hallo Jana,

sorry, habe voreilig den Kommentar gelöscht.

Very beautiful pictures of spring...
Ich glaube wir im "Süden" haben gerade ein wenig mehr Glück mit dem Wetter. Die Tauchsaison wurde bei uns heute schon bei ca. 20°C eröffnet.
Liebe Grüße
J. und C.

WebbieLady said...

I really enjoy this spring.... not likelast year all my time was spent in train travels! A hugeee change!

I roller skated yesterday and today and tomorrow before we set to Paris, I make sure I do 1 hour inline skating again... learning...learning... it's fun!

Got to go to my German lesson now... c ya dearie!