Sunday, 24 April 2011

Palingrokerij in Zoutkamp

My friend Tony showed me once pictures from this old-fashioned smoked fish factory located in the north of the Netherelands, in the Dutch province Groningen. In Dutch "palingrokerij" indicates the place where the fish (in the case above the eel="paling") gets smoked.

Actually one may buy plenty of different smoked fish: eel, sole and others, but also fresh "Hollandse garnalen" or also sun dried soles. I directly fell in love with the cute colourful wooden houses at the harbour of Zoutkamp. In front of the houses one may also admire the fishing boats...

Above all dried soles are dispatched in sets of 5.

Below fresh not peeled Dutch shrimps ("Hollandse garnalen", which are much tinier than normal shrimps) are delicious, but time-consuming occupation...And dont forget to try all the yummy smoked fishes:-)))


Filip Demuinck said...

Look indeed nice to eat. Something for fish lovers.

Anonymous said...

Tony is here comenting - happy that you enjoyed and had great time!!!