Saturday, 21 May 2011

The old harbour of Hoorn

A walk in the old harbour of Hoorn is a must. There are plenty of beautiful boats to look at. Middays some fishing boats are coming back and I was lucky enough to be present while a boat was putting its catch (several nets of crabs) in the pots.
Hoorn boats
The boat with wings (as on the picture above) is typical for the Ijsselmeer. When the wings are up the boat may pass through very shallow water and canals.

In the middle of the old harbour the previous city gate ("Hoodftoren") welcomes the visitors and the floating vessels.
Haven Hoorn
Plenty of birds are present too... Some of them are even doing fish-check once the fishing boats are left empty:-)
Hoorn bird


betchai said...

your post brought a lot of smiles to my day, i love being in harbour, watching boats and watching fishing boats dock since a lot of birds would usually try to sneak, it's always a joy seeing them. beautiful pictures.

WebbieLady said...

Fresh sea fruits...yummy! :=)
Another piece of knowledge about Hoorn...


Roj said...

Is that bird inlast photo the symbol of the Hague?

Jana said...

thanks a lot dear all!
@Roj: the symbol of DH is the storkc, the bird in the last pic here is a grey heron. The storck is black and white (and in Bulgaria is a symbol of the coming spring);

papillon said...

what a beautiful old town and nice pictures from fishing boats and harbor there. Your pictures really made us wishfully dreaming about the sea..., we really feel the sea...
J + C

Filip Demuinck said...

The city of Hoorn looks very cozy.