Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sofia in the spring sun...

Sofia reflection
My home town, Sofia, is extremely beautiful when the sun comes out. Last week I enjyoed several of Sofia landmarks in the sun...Not only the Russian church shines in the natural light, but also the golden cupolas of the cathedral Alexander Nevski.


The statue of the Saint Sofia, the protector of the city, is also worth admiration (by or without sunshine). Since 2000 it has replaced a statue of Lenin located on square "Nezawisimost" (the busy central crossing of boulevar Maria Luisa and street Todor Alexandrov). The new statue is 24m high and represents Sofia (with golden skin and bronze dress), holding the symbols of wisdom and fame (an owl and an wreath). With the building mess around one may though kind of overlook this beauty....

Sofia Theater

Another of my favourite building in the city is of course the National Theater Ivan Vasov (on the picture above).


Filip Demuinck said...

Wauw I didn't know Sofia was so cool

papillon said...

Very beautiful hometown....We hope you had a nice time there.

de bossies! said...

Hoi Jana
Een mooie pr voor de stad..
En de beschermer van de stad Sofia zie ik liever dan Lenin.
Jij gaat ook echt heel de wereld over!
Groetjes Henk

betchai said...

you have such a beautiful hometown, love the reflection on those glasses, really telling us a beautiful day

Jana said...

thanks a lot dear friends!