Sunday, 1 January 2012

Jardin des parfums et epices , St-Philippe/ Plants and spices garden

An impressive way to get to know some local and imported flora is the visit to the "Jardin des parfums et epices"! Located in the forest next to St-Josephe this green private garden is really fantatsic garden to walk through. The guided tour is highly recommended and will give you not only explanatons about the exotic flowers/ palm trees/ spices, but also cooking recipes and other ideas or new information! On the pictures below you may admire:
- the famous "rose du porcelaine";
- the lianes of the "vanille bourbon"
- fresh green pepers grains
- the nutmeg apple incl the nutmeg
- the black orchid 
- and the porcelaine rose again with an interesting insect on it;


papillon said...

It seems to be a paradise of sweet tastes and the black orchid is a eye feast.

Anonymous said...

Iana, nesto povetche za ostrova- gradove, plajove i putista.
Istoria susto.

tati i mama

Filip said...

Special article, the fruit with the cloured pit inside I have never seen before.


betchai said...

the porcelain rose is so beautiful, i've never seen a black orhid, and it looks so extraordinary.

Jana said...

thank you dear friends!
@betchai:its called here the bat-flower (or also the cats whicskers), it originates from SouthEastAsia;
@Filip: it is a nutmeg apple with its fruit the nutmeg (Muskatnuss) inside:-)