Friday, 13 January 2012

Reunion island seen from above/ La Reunion vue du ciel

Reunion is 60 by 80 km big, however the island offers completely different landscapes in very short distances.

We did an hour tour with helicopter to view all these colouful and breathtaking beauties from above:
- la Plaine des Palmistes (an area covered with furn bushes and trees)
- la Plaine des Sables, the way leading to the volcano Piton de la Fournaise
- the carter of the active volcano
- le Cirque de Mafate
- Ananas-fields (the brown parts) above St-Pierre

- the waterfall of Takamaka, accessible only by one day foot walk;
Simply fantastic way to discover a lot of not reachable by foot or car corners!


Filip said...

A helicopter tour, that must be very special. I would like to do that once. We will see.


Barb said...

You must have been hanging out the door of the copter, brave woman! That waterfall! (Will you try to hike there?) I love the winding road shot.

betchai said...

ahhh, very beautiful sceneries, and the last one of the watefall seem to be out of this world, happy weekend.

Jana said...

thanks a lot!
@Barb: I was lucky to be sitting on the front row (next to the window and could open a little part of it);
@Filip: great way to see things from above! you should try once (when there is stg worth watching:-);

de bossies! said...

Hoi Jana
Ik had hier nogal wat gemist..druk de laatste tijd.
Maar wat maken jullie weer veel mee.De onderwater wereld was al geweldig..ook de Flora wandeling..En nu zo met die helicopter..ja super.
De laatste foto met waterval is geweldig!
Groetjes Henk

Filipina Ini said...

Very interesting aerial view! The photo's fantastic!

papillon said...

Our world is something wonderful, no matter whether from the air or under water...

Anonymous said...

is it ok weatherwise to go to Reunion in January/February? I'm thinking of doing some trekking there early 2014.

Jana said...

@anonymous/weather-question: January/Feb is nice as its the dry season, however thisisalso the cyclone season...for hiking its nice, although pretty humid even at altitude;