Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fresh and deliciious fruits in Sardinia

Sardegna Figs
Every time I arrive in beautiful Sardinia I know I am approaching a real fruit paradise....and the fruit-junkie in me is very happy! And could it get any better than this: the two places we have stayed this year at had fruit trees growing in the garden: lemons, figs, apricots, almonds, the pomegranates (currently in status blossom)....
Smelling fresh lemon
Pomegranate in blossom, Sardegna
Almond tree in Sardegna
Some of the most exotic ones are the "corbezzolo" (en. strawberry tree) and the "ficchi d India" (en. prickly pear) and last but not least the famous "mirto", wild bush making dark purple berries from which the locals makes the famous local liqueur "Mirto".... This year all around in the South was also to be seen the white flower of the"carotta selvatica" (wild carrot). The middle of the blossom has one black flower which from far away looks like an insect having a break...So which are your favourite fruits or which fruits grow right now in your garden/country? And as a little treat you get this fantastic sunset in the laguna of Nora on the last picture...
Corbezzolo/strawberry tree in Sardinia
Ficchi d India/ Prickely pear in Sardinia
Wild carrot blossom
Sunset in Nora Laguna 
PS: most of the fruit trees pictures are taken in the garden of the lovely B&B Fiore next to Pula in the south of Sardinia. A very, very cozy  place with warm hosts sharing their love&knowledge about the area!


Lies said...

Nu zit ik écht te watertanden, Jana... Fruitsalade..., daar kan je mij zelfs mee omkopen...
Op 't terras hier staan enkel aardbeitjes, in een pot... Wel héél lekker... !

EriKa Napoletano said...

I know these fruits. Wonderful the last shot. Kisses.

Fiorenza Spalatro said...

Figs are riped, now! You need to come back! :-)

Filip and Kristel said...

Typical something for you, enjoy.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautiful scenery, sunny days and fresh fruit - what a wonderful combination.

It's winter here yet we still have lemons on our tree and the last of our tiny tomatoes. The herbs are all doing well too. The shops are filled with citrus, apples and pears

Saucy Kodz said...

Being a lover of many kinds of fruit, I envy you being able to have these varieties growing round about you. I envy you as here in Atlantic Canada, I can pick apples in the late summer, go fishing, dig for clams, pick mussels, periwinkles and many kinds of berries, but to pick fruit off trees; for me; it is not the right temperature. Just great photos and info and I love that last photo - it is just beautiful.

Koryn said...

How far exactly is Sardinia from where you're based? :) You're lucky you have a beautiful getaway you can go to on just a whim!

Are the fruits in Sardinia cheaper in general?

Jana said...

@Lilly: apples+berries sound great!
@Koryn: its about 2 hours flight, this is one of teh reason i amin love with europe, its so diversed*just 1 or 2 hours flight away!you should come+we would made a gorgeous round!

Koryn said...

And it's also easy to travel around by train, right?

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to go there! I hope I'll have enough savings for a Euro trip next year :)

My next adventure would be in Brazil :) It's this coming October.