Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pobitite kamyni next to Varna/ Побити камъни

Stone Forest Bulgaria

"Pobiti kamyni" are natural rock phenomenon around 17 km away from Varna, on the road to Sofia. The place consists of several groups of stone columns (between 5 and 7 metres high and from 0.3 to 3 metres thick) on a total area of 70 km². The columns are instead hollow and filled with sand, and look like they are stuck into the surrounding sands, which gives the phenomenon its name ("Pobiti kamyni" means stones put in the ground).

Pobitite kamyni

Several rocks have names, such as the "Throne", the "Camel" or the "Lion"...The place is believed to charge visitors with positive energy. "Pobiti kamyni" are a nature reserve since 1937.

The origin of these rocks is still not confirmed. The place was under water some 50 millions years ago. One theory says the limestone columns represents the result of coral activity. The other theory is minaral based and supposes connection to bubbling reefs.

Pobitite kamyni

Flowers Varna

There is no doubt, its an impressive place to visit, as well as the amazing colours in a field we also had the pleasure to admire on the way to it!

Flowers Varna


betchai said...

oh wow, the flowers and the stone formations are really one of a kind, i agree with you, very nice place to vist.

ruma said...

The graceful sense wraps your artworks.

Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
Have a good weekend...

From Saga, Japan.

Incanto Images said...

dit zijn hele mooie vakantie kiekjes. Mooi in beeld gebracht.

Groetjes Von

Filip Demuinck said...

Looks very nice with the flowers.

WebbieLady said...

the color combo of the flowers is simply breathtaking... and to take positive energy is not bad at all... hope can visit someday.

It's strange that the rocks arigins are not confirmed yet... very interesting....


papillon said...

Blumenwiesen im Wind und ewige Felsen... wie schön ist unsere Erde.

Grüße aus Alta (Norway)

Ewa said...

I would like to see these rock formations next week, as I will be in Varna. Could you please tell me how exactly can I get there by car?

Should I take the Varnenchyk Boulevard and then just highway to Sofia or should I turn anywhere? Will there be any signposts?

Thank you very much in advance!

Jana said...

dear Ewa,
yes, just take the highway to Sofia and shortly before the village Slynchewo (Sunny)you will see the sign for "Pobiti kamyni/Stone Forest"; I would suggest not to be late (around 10am best) as after 12 am gets like a sauna there!

Ewa said...

Thank you! Tomorrow I will be at the airport in Varna (Aksakovo) around 9 am so I will probably drive from there :)

All the best!