Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer flowers and herbs in Black sea resort "St. St. Konstantin and Elena"

flower St. St. Konstantin and Elena

St. St. Konstantin and Elena

While walking around the resort "St Konstantin and Elena" at the Black sea coast I could not stop admire old the wildflowers and herbs.....The white acacia trees, the puple mallow flowers, the honeylike smelling lime-tree, the strong red colour of the poppy flowers...They are all around.

Not a lot of people are aware that the mallow (first picture, also called in de: "Malve", nl: "kaasjeskruid", bg:"камбулка") is a very famous herb, which helps heal heavy caughs.

Summer flower Varna

As for the acacia blossoms, they deliver the juice for the bees and I just got a fresh jar of acacia honey the other day....

Some hotels in the resorts have some creative flower decoration such as the dolphins and the peafowl.

Summer flower Varna

St. St. Konstantin and Elena


papillon said...

Very nice pictures of beautiful flowers. Your photos show that you really "aime les fleurs"....

hélène said...

well thanks to this article i learned name of flowers in English, THANKS...still improving my language (at distance :-p)xxx

Filip Demuinck said...

The shot with you in the garden is the best. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, here it is total crap.

betchai said...

beautiful flower shots, but like filip, my fave shot has to be the one with you in the garden.

Jana said...

thank you dear all!
@C+J: ich mag Naturschönheiten, unterwasser sowie wie über dem Wasser;-)
@Helene: super, glad I keep on coaching:-)