Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Varna, the marine capital of Bulgaria

Today I will take you on a walk through the center of Varna. Varna is our marine capital and the third largest city of Bulgaria.

It is not a favourite city of mine I have to say, it is pretty busy, haotic and dirty. However in the city center there is a lot of pretty and colourful architecture in Western style with local interpretations of Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Unfortunately almost all of the beautiful buildings in the center got additionally "decorated" with huge advertisements, which i find pretty grotesk and ugly...The sea garden along the beach is the oldest and biggest park of the city.

Varna is a front-runner for European Capital of Culture for 2019, planning to open several new high-profile facilities such as a new opera house and concert hall, a new exhibition centre, and a reconstruction of the Summer Theatre, the historic venue of the International Ballet Competition.

And something with which Varna beats even Sofia....is of course the sea:-) And last but not least Varna offers a great attraction with the its dolphinarium!


papillon said...

Nice pictures of Varna. Have you also taken a bath in the Black Sea?

de bossies! said...

Hoi Jana
Prachtige gebouwen...Maar zoals je al schreef...de commercie..
Reclame..en dat op oude gebouwen..
Al is het dan N.Y. daar hoort het..of in L.V....Maar niet op cultuurhistorische gebouwen...
Gr Henk

Filip Demuinck said...

wow looks amazing. I need to visit Bulgaria once.

betchai said...

i have to agree with you, those beautiful architecture were obstructed by those ads, beautiful pictures nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

А къде е морето!! Защо няма поне 1 снимка на моренцето!!

Jana said...

thanks dear all:-)
@kote: ima snimka na midichki de;-)