Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The fauna of Reunion island: endormi, tangue and more!

For sure one of the most colourful representative from the fauna of Reunion island is the so called "endormi" (the sleepy one). The male cameleon has its very bright colours, while the juniors and the female ones are less colourful. They are really impressive animals. I do add also one video of the same cutie below. Enjoy his slow moves:

Another cute animal is "le tangue", a far cousin of the hedghoge. They are tinier than European relatives and hide in the rainforest, we were pretty happy to spot a group of some baby ones during one of our walks! Plenty of other exotic insects are flying around: like the purple dragonfly, the black-red bugs and beautiful butterflies!
One of the first things that will strike you in Reunion island are the birds...They are everywhere, it does not matter if you are close to the sea or up in the mountains, there is always singing around you!


Barb said...

Hi Jana, Loved the video of the Cameleon - he even walks in slow motion. (He does look sleepy!)

Jana said...

thanks Barb-its hilarious, is not it:-)))

FilipBlog said...

He really has a hunter look and slowly moves forward.


betchai said...

oh, love that shot of the sleepy cameleon, and that video is so special.

Marco Luijken said...

Hello Jana,
Wonderful all these pictures!! Amazing that Cameleon. It must be funny for you to see him in real.
Nice to see the butterfly and the beautiful bird. Very good shots Jana!!

Greetings, Marco

papillon said...

what a really nice excerpt of animals in Reunion.

AVCr8teur said...

Wow, so many unique creatures in the jungle. The cameleon is fun to watch.