Tuesday 22 December 2009

Intro to exotic fruit+vegetables -part 1

exotic fruits Guadeloupe

At the UCPA (where we were staying in les Saintes till yesterday) we had Olivier, a very knowlegeable local, presenting to us the typical fruits and vegetables from the Caribbean. A huge basket was waiting for us. One of the most important fruit/raw material here is the sugar cane!It used not only for the production of brown sugar but also of the most famous drink in the French Antilles the rum.

cut sugar cane

passion fruit Guadeloupe

A fruit i have never heard of is "pomme-canelle" (in English "sugar apple"), on the photo below. The inside consists of soft white flesh and seeds. There are also plenty of different bananas sorts: "banane plantin" for cooking, "banane figue" are very sweet and short bananas. Sweet pineapple and yummy passion fruit (or as they are more often called "maracuja") are some of the other fruits to be found here...

pomme cannelle fruit Guadeloupe

Almost every day we enjoyed fresh pressed juices and punches with fruits...very yummy...and to be continued:-)

fruit juices


FilipBlog said...

Fruit is good for you :-)
Do you also have snow there?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it, here snow is going away but will snow again, no trams, no train, no clean roads....its sucks in Holland, have fun and enjoy warm Xmas,Tony

WebbieLady said...

I ate sugarcane since I got teeth till they vanished in my village around 1997.... There used to have lots of plantation and when I walked to school with friends, for some kilometers, we ate sugarcane to not get bored... Such a solution for boredom huh! ^^ Lovely weather here too where I stay, never snowed. I'll be shocked when I get back on Monday for sure.

Unknown said...

Have a great hot Christmas! Celuvki!
Instead stuffed peppers and beans you`ll have stuffed passionfruit and fresh juice with rhum :) I think it`s a fair trade :D and hope u enjoy it very much! ( because I `ve enjoyed imaginig it :> ! )
i pak celuvki! :)

Anonymous said...

Iana dobri snimki,
interesna no-dali e polezna tazi hrana. Hapvaite i po-malko ribka-moje i petchena na keremida.
V Bulgaria malko se postopli i tchakame biala no ne mnogo studena Koleda.
Pazete se i vnimatelskata.