Monday 5 September 2011

Church " St.St. Konstantin and Elena", Mirkowo, Bulgaria/ Параклис Свети Константи и Елена, Мирково

Mirkowo Church
Mirkowo church inside 
One may see from few kilometers the golden cupola of the cute little church "St. St. Konstantin and Elena" on a hill before the village Mirkowo. Mirkowo is located in the "Podbalkana", around 80 km away from Sofia. My great-grandmother Nevena was born there, few kilomers further in the town Pirdop my grandfather, the father of my mother, was born....
snails Bulgaria
The cute little church has opened its doors in the spring of 2007 and offers a great view to the surrounding fields and mountains. The interior colourful paintings show very well the typical decoration for Bulgarian Orthodox religious places. There is a small drinking water post and a stone cross in front of the church too...
sunflowers Bulgaria.
Below I am also attaching a picture of my great-grand parents (in the middle, standing: baba Nevena and djado Spiridon) and my grand parents (on the left, standing: my grandma Vera and grandpa Alexi) from 1955. On the right site, standing, is the brother of my grandpa: djado Gosho and his wife, Milka. Sitting in front are the parents of my great-grandmother from Mirkowo: her father was a priest. I really love this picture!


papillon said...

Very nice little church in a fantastic ambiance. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Jana said...

danke liebe C+J, ich hab es sogar bisschen persönlicher gemacht und Foto von meinen Ur-Urgrosseltern, Urgrosseltern und Grosseltern hinzugefügt:-))

René Smits said...

Hai Jana,

You can find the otters in Natuurpark Lelystad.

Nice blog you have here.
Your pictures are great. Nice colours, great sharpness and very nice compositions.
Keep up the good work!


Filipina Ini said...

Lovely place.

The shells, aren't those the shell of the oldest living species on earth?

betchai said...

very beautiful pictures Jana, the structures are very attractive too, hope you have a good weekend.

Jana said...

thank u all!
@dear Filipina: those are actually rain snails (max 1-2cm)...the ones you mentioned are also lovely (called "ammonites"), but usually pretty bigger:-)

Barb said...

Beautiful countryside, including the sunflowers and the snails!