Saturday 8 February 2014

The underwater world of Marie - Galante/ Plongez a Marie-Galante!

The island with three rum distilleries, the island of the 100 windmills, the island of sugar cane...there are a few different names for Marie-Galante, the round island south-east of Guadeloupe! I will also call it the place for zen-diving:-) It is absolutely wild underwater, there are no crowds of divers, but schools of fishes, huge sponges and curious sea inhabitants looking at you with a question mark in their eyes! Enjoy the encounters I have captured for you and if you ever make it there, do go diving with the best diving school of the island "ManBalaou"!



Monday 3 February 2014

Colours of Guadeloupe....

One of the things that really makes your day when you are in Guadeloupe are all the colours around! In the nature, in the houses, on the market: everything is cheerful and with tons of different colours! So you can not not smile:-) The typical creole houses are a real treat to look at, so are the flowers in the gardens and along the road...Enjoy and soak all the SUNSHINE hiding in theses pictures!
Caz creole, les Saintes
Caz creole, les Saintes
Passion fruit flower