Sunday, 7 December 2008

Arriving and discovering Perth

We made it down under-after 18 hours on 2 planes and a bit of a complicated landing in Perth.
The first sight of Australia was red, white and deep blue (the northeast top of the continent):

Getting down to Perth, the landscape started to get greener. The city, hmmm, it feels like being in a quiet and cozy English town, actually a million-city looking like a village with 2 skyscrapers in the middle:) The people are really friendly and the B&B where we are staying is lovely. Jet-lag is there though too. Around 4 a.m. Australian time we were awake starving (good news: there were plenty of things in the kitchen:) This morning Santa Claus was already having a Sunday-drive in town in a golden car and ringing the bell:

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Losy said...

..and now you are travelling to? bacione, Losy