Friday, 19 December 2008

Underwater report...

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef underwater

Its a huge aquarium down there (just finished 5 dives going down till 15m:-)...Great underwater gardens of corals in all possible shapes and in blue, green, red, yellow, pink colours. Just breathtaking!!! Plenty of tiny fishes swim around it and from time to time one can hear the parrot fishes eating on the corals. We were SOOOOOOOOO lucky to meet (twice) a couple of manta rays (pure vegetarians), really peaceful and majestic animals, around 3-4m. Even Santa Claus (from Sweden) dived today with us, see picture as a proof below:

Great Barrier Reef

During snorkeling from the beach of the Heron island on previous days we made some other great encounters: funny guitar rays, fast little sharks (around 1 m). The guitar ray looked friendly and opened and closed its eyes for a greeting The local sting rays (between 1 and 1,5m) were/ are soo good in hiding in the sand just after the shore line, that we almost stepped on them while going into the sea...

Ray Great Barrier Reef

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Anonymous said...

изглежда супер. Само от превода не можах да разбера- рибите са 3-4 м или са минали на толкова от Вас.
Там има ли заградени пространства за кораловите рифове, които са за тоуристите или може да ходиш на всякъде.
Айде и внимателската с обиколката нататък двамата с Нико.