Thursday, 11 December 2008

Live from under the water surface

The highlight of today is the visit to the underwater observatory. It is always amazing to see how marine life/nature can create a whole new ecosystem on the artificially added jetty piles. One has to keep in mind though that it takes between 5-10 years before the piles start to look as beautifully as the ones on the pics below. Once the fauna is there, the fishes come too. I saw some fishes I have never seen before.

Tonight we drove back to Perth, for tomorrow the plan is to visit the Rottnest Island (30 min by ferry from the city). Last night while walking in Busselton, some funny animals crossed our road. They were so kind to pose for a picture (while having as snack the flowers of the neigbour). Later we were told that we have spotted the famous possum, nocturnal mammal protected in this part of the country. So much about wildlife all around:-)


Anonymous said...

Ау, и как се казва този звяр.
Яде ли хора и влиза ли по стаите.
Като стигнете на острова се обади.


Greg said...

Ca a l'air de bien se passer dites-moi :-) On aimerait bien un bebe kangorou pour s'occuper de la pelouse derriere chez nous :-)

les photos sont magnifiques comme d'hab
Enjoy !

Greg et Britta