Monday, 22 December 2008

G'day from Sydney!

Just got here 24 hours ago and I find the city already really cozy! This mixture of old (for Australian standards) and modern, big and at the same time not-overcrowded, nature and human-made beauties. Some buildings actually look like from the 1950ies. The weather today was a bit weird: nice sunny (max 25 degrees), but very windy, at one moment the sun was burning and some minutes after one was freezing because of the strong wind.

The sightseeing walk started at the Rocks (the oldest area of Sydney, first picture), where we stay in the oldest brewery/bar/hotel of the city, then a visit of the symbol of the city, the Opera House, later we took a ferry to Darling Harbour. In the center we enjoyed a Xmas concert and everyone was singing Xmas carols outside, next to a huge Christmas tree-it did help to get into the Christmas feeling as the temperatures dont allow it so much..

On the way back to our hotel, after arriving too late for the wildlife park and being refused the entrance to the 260 m because of too much wind :we could notice that Sydney is a big modern city with plenty of skyscrapers. Our feet are hurting right now after this all walking marathon:-) Some more sightseeing is planned for tomorrow before heading to Melbourne in the evening.


Anonymous said...

Milo, iskarai si super tam, 4e tuk samo virusi varluvat, ni6to interesno v EPO. Edno spokoistvie e .... napravo umiram ot udovolstvie da rabotia taka.
Veselo iskarvane na praznicite. Mersi za karti4kata. Celuvki i posdravi s prevod na tebe i Nico Tony

Anonymous said...

Яна и Нико
Весела и Щастлива Коледа,
там далече, далече на изток и както казват руснаците - Будь как дома, но не забьІвать что в гостях.

Целувки от сем. Теневи - старши и младши