Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Great Southern...or south of Perth:)

busstop_Western Australia


It kind of cooled down a bit-temperatures are between 15 and 20 degrees, but sun is almost always there, even if we got some rain the last 2 days. First part of the trip south was drive via Rockingam (where the pic of the cool busstop comes from) and Bunberry to Busselton. In this relaxed sea-town the most famous thing is the Busselton Jetty and its underwater observatory ( can have a look too via the online web-cam) here visitors go 8 m underwater and watch the sea inhabitans without getting wet (this visit is on the schedule for tomorrow:-)

One realises the size of the continent (which is actually bigger than Europe) by starting to drive around. Yesterdays drive was around 250 km south from Perth, todays around 550 km down to the Great Southern visiting the Giant Tree Walk. The Walpole National Parc has an impressive forest with huge tingle trees (eucalyptus trees) that can get up to 35-70 m high. There is a 60 m high bridge at the top of trees. It is a bit shaky walk up there but the view was excellent.

giant tree walk

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Anonymous said...

супер плаж, но като гледам доста шофирате, как са пътищата- внимателската навсякъде, още повече не познавате много пътищата там. Не се отбивайте много навътре- т.е извън цивилизацията.
Има ли дини вече там- би трябвало да е началото на лятото.
поздрави на Нико и умната навсякъде.