Monday, 8 December 2008

Namburg National Parc, in the Pinnacle desert...

Today the weather was a bit cloudy, so we headed to the Namburg National Parc, around 260 km north of Perth. It was a drive of a bit more than 3 hours, but was really worth it. Before arriving at the parc, we made a stop in the tiny fisherman village Cervantes, where we did not see don quijote but had some fresh crayfish and I found a cute old car:-)

The Parc is famous for its Pinnacle Desert (funny limestone formations in a sand ground, One can walk through and the view is amazing, we even met several cockatoos (a colourful cousin of the parrot). On the road back to Perth some wild kangaroos were jumping around us next to road, and we really felt close to the wildlife of Western Australia.


Anonymous said...

много били кльоштави тези кенгура Иначе природата е супер, със страхотно небе.
като ходите из парковете и т.н. за да се пазите от ухапвания майче е неоходимо и летни панталони и закрити леки обувки.
Продължавай със снимките, но и си води записки за да ни разказваш.


Anonymous said...

ok, I won't write "I love it" in all my messages for the next 2 months but please know that I mean it...
so cool to live the trip with you (pics+comments)!!!!

Have a very nice day!!

Glühwein party was really good ;)